Table 5.

Summary of reassessment of 16 EGFR/KRAS-mutant SQCCs identified by routine clinical genotyping

CharacteristicsaN (%)
Specimen type
 Small specimen (biopsy or cytology)12 (75)
 Surgical resection4 (25)
Tumor site
 Lung primary8 (50)
 Metastasis (lymph node, adrenal, bone, skin)6 (38)
 Recurrence2 (11)
Interpretation after morphologic and immunohistochemical reassessment
 Reclassified as AD-SQCb10 (63)
 Reclassified as solid adenocarcinoma by IHC5 (31)
 Indeterminate1 (6)
Smoking status by mutation
 EGFR-mutant “SQCC”10 (63)
  Current or former3
KRAS-mutant “SQCC”6 (37)
  Current or former5
  • aData for index samples (EGFR/KRAS-mutant “SQCC”), corresponding to samples #1 in Table 4.

  • bIncludes patients with a small biopsy/cytology diagnosis of “SQCC” in an index sample, but evidence of glandular differentiation in other (non-index) tissue sample(s) (n = 9), and one resected tumor with 5% glandular component.