Table 1.

Associations of SKP2 gene dosage with various clinicopathologic parameters (n = 82)

SKP2 gene dosage
No amplificationAmplificationP
Age, y0.493
Tumor depth0.002a
FNCLCC grade0.007a
 Grade I288
 Grade II2015
 Grade III38
AJCC stage (n = 79)b0.032a
 Stage I154
 Stage II2010
 Stage III1317
Percentage of tumor necrosisc4.61 ± 10.7638.39 ± 11.059<0.001a
Tumor sizec6.10 ± 5.0417.12 ± 4.743<0.001a
Mitotic ratec8.78 ± 9.16613.94 ± 12.855<0.001a
 Low expression461<0.001a

Abbreviations: AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer; FNCLCC, French Federation of Cancer Centers Sarcoma Group; LI, labeling index.

  • aStatistically significant.

  • bThree primary myxofibrosarcomas were not assigned stages because of no available data of exact tumor size.

  • cWilcoxon rank-sum test.