Table 2.

Multivariate predictive models for biochemical and LRFRs

Entire cohort of 247 patients with prostate cancer, bRFR
 Gleason scorea2.660.015
 HP10 with timec0.99950.001
142 patients with bulkd tumor at the site of the oxygen measurements, bRFR
 HP10 with timec0.9992<0.001
70 patients with prostate biopsies for local control, LRFR
 HP10 with timec0.99910.032

NOTE: No effect of age, clinical T-category, the proportion of positive diagnostic biopsy cores, radiotherapy dose, or the use of hormonal therapy on either bRFR or LRFR.

  • aGleason 8 versus 6 or 7.

  • bEffect of HP10 on outcome (bRFR or LRFR) at the completion of treatment.

  • cHP10 time dependence. Time expressed in months from the date of the oxygen measurements.

  • dSee text for definition of bulk tumor.