Table 1.

Characteristics of 58 studies

FoxP3 prognosis claim232312
Specific antibody
 Clone 421
 Novus Biologicals1
Scoring strategy
 Cutoff point
  Absence and/or presence133
  Mean cutoff131
  Median cutoff16115
  Other cutoff563
 Counting location
  General count555
  Tumor only874
  Tumor and stroma10113
 Tissue used
  Whole sections16177
  Tissue microarray765
 Counting strategy
  Computer program42
  Not reported752
Multivariate correction for stage or grade
 Yes: 42201111
 No: 163121
Multivariate correction for other TIL subsets
 Yes: 8233
 No: 5021209
Use of multiple markers
 Yes: 844
 No: 50191912
Tumor site
 Head and neck1

NOTE: Study N mean (range): 219 (30–1,445).