Table 2.

Comparing site of primary melanoma for V600E and V600K BRAF genotypes (n = 129)

Primary siteNo. of patients (%)No. of patients (%)P
Extremity3 (11)34 (33)0.030
Trunk11 (41)39 (38)NS
Head and neck9 (33)11 (11)0.013
Mucosal0 (0)1 (1)NS
Occult4 (15)17 (17)NS
Total27 (100)102 (100)

NOTE: 129 patients had V600E or V600K genotypes and information on their site of primary melanoma (“other” mutant BRAF genotypes with information on primary melanoma excluded from this analysis n = 10).

Abbreviation: NS, not significant.