Table 1.

Tumor growth inhibition at maximum tolerated dose in mouse, human simulated tumor growth inhibition using xenograft/allograft PK–PD model, and clinical response for 8 anticancer agents

Anticancer agentXenograft/AllograftMouse %TGI at MTDHuman simulated %TGI on day 21Clinical diseaseClinical response (overall response) %
ErlotinibFibroblast NR6-Del (746–752)99102NSCLC, exon 19 del71
Sunitinib786-O (renal cell adenocarcinoma)10681Metastatic renal cell carcinoma47
SunitinibColo205 (colorectal)10463Colorectal cancer1.2
DasatinibK-562 (chronic myeloid leukemia)117104Chronic myeloid leukemia90
TrastuzumabKPL-4 (HER2+ Breast)8073HER2+ Breast15
Vismodegib (GDC-0449)Medulloblastoma, mutational driven tumor115104Advanced basal cell carcinoma55
Visomodegib (GDC-0449)D5123 (colorectal), ligand-driven tumor4940Ovarian cancer/colorectal with FOLFOX or FOLFIRINo signal
DocetaxelCal51x1.1s (triple negative breast)9088Metastatic breast cancer33
CarboplatinMX-1 (triple negative breast)9788Advanced breast cancer31
5-FUColo205 (Colorectal)11675Colorectal cancer10.3