Table 1.

Quantification of apoptotic cells after combination drug treatment

Drug treatment% Cell deathFold increase% Cell deathFold increase% Cell deathFold increase
GDC-09416.6 (±3.0)1.45.8 (±2.2)1.45.0 (±2.4)1.4
Docetaxel6.7 (±2.3)1.48.2 (±3.8)2.04.3 (±1.3)1.2
GDC-0941 + docetaxel12.2 (±4.1)2.511.4 (±2.6)2.77.0 (±1.9)1.9

NOTE: Fold increase in percentage of apoptotic cells based on Annexin V positivity relative to vehicle (dimethyl sulfoxide) control after treatment for 48 hours with GDC-0941, docetaxel, or the combination of both drugs in Hs578T1.2, MCF7-neo/HER2, and MX-1 tumor cell lines.