Table 1.

Overview of published pancreatic stellate cell lines of human, mouse, or rat origin

Name of cell lineSourceMethod of immortalizationReference
RLT-PaSCPrimary human from chronic pancreatitisSV40 large T antigen + hTERT26
25HPaSCHuman PDASV40 large T antigen + hTERT25
PS-1Human pancreas (transplantation tissue)hTERT24
irPaSCSprague–Dawley ratSV40 large T antigen28
SAM-KMale Wistar ratSV40 large T antigen29
SIPSMale Wistar ratSpontaneous immortalization27
LTC-7 and LTC-14Male LEW.1WSV40 large T antigen30
imPaSCC57BL/6 mouseSV40 large T antigen28