Table 2.

Histopathology and genotypes of ALK-positive cases

Tumor IDDiagnosisHistologic pattern (%)ALK FISHEGFR mutation status
187AdenocarcinomaSolid focal signet cell ring features+, split
307AdenocarcinomaBAC (30), Acinar (10), papillary (10), solid (50), clear cell and mucinous features+, split
587AdenocarcinomaAcinar (85), solid (10), papillary (5)Not scoreableL858R
618AdenocarcinomaSolid+, splitInsufficient material
645AdenocarcinomaSolid (70), BAC (30)+, split
652AdenocarcinomaPapillary (60), Micropapillary (40)+, split
663AdenocarcinomaPapillary (50) BAC (50)+, split
664AdenocarcinomaAcinar+, splitL858R
666AdenocarcinomaSolid (90), Papillary (10)+, split
670AdenocarcinomaSolid (60), Papillary (40)+, split
680AdenocarcinomaSolid (70) and acinar (30) with signet ring cell features+, split
759AdenocarcinomaSolid with signet ring cells+, split
580Adenocarcinoma (uncertain)+, split
70AdenocarcinomaSolid+, splitInsufficient material
383AdenocarcinomaBAC (40), papillary (30), Acinar (30)+, split
395AdenocarcinomaSolid+, split
278Squamous; large cell carcinoma (uncertain)+, split
330Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma+, split
503Squamous+, split
615Squamous+, splitInsufficient material
644Squamous+, split
691Squamous+, split