Table 1.

Comparison of OS for reported factors in large MF cohort studies

CharacteristicsLong-term outcome of 525 patients (Kim and colleagues; 9)Validation of ISCL/EORTC. 1,502 patients (Agar and colleagues; 10)MDACC study of 1,263 MF/SS patients
Time duration1958–19991980–20091982–2009
Mycosis fungoides (n)4901,3981,062
Sézary syndrome (n)35104186
 Male (n)330933663
Median OS10 y13.4 y20.7 y
 Female (n)195569585
Median OS13.5 y24.1 y32.0 y
T classification
 T1 (n)159443521
Median OSNot reached35.5 yearsNot reached
 T2 (n)192628395
Median OS12.1 y21.5 y26.26 y
 T3 (n)96182136
Median OS3.3 y4.1 y5.96 y
 T4 (n)78234188
Median OS4 y3.9 y5.00 y
Folliculotropic MF (n)18944
Median OS12.2 yNot reached
Median OS20.1 yNot reached
Hypopigmented MF (n)5154
Median OSNot reached32.04 y
Lyp and MF (n)7445
Median OSNot reachedNot reached
 B0 (n)49013271042
Median OS12.3 y24.5 y29.28 y
 B1 (n)357113
Median OS3 y3.2 yNot reached
 B2 (n)0104186
Median OS3.1 y4.64 y
 N0 (n)3451,2201,112
Median OS17.4 y22.8 y26.26 y
 N1 (n)1478755
Median OS6.5 y5.2 y16.91 y
 N2 (n)828
Median OS1.1 y5.43 y
 N3 (n)334018
Median OS1.7 y2 y6.13 y
 N4 (n)33
Median OS2.85 y
 Extracutaneous (n)771370
Median OS1.1 y1.4 y4.42 y