Table 1.

Pathways common to gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) of the clinical genelist and pathway analysis of in vitro and clinical genelists

Pathway analysisGSEA
5-FU in vitroOxaliplatin in vitroClinical 5FU/OXAClinical 5FU/OXA
PathwayInducible parentalConstitutively alteredInducible resistantInducible parentalConstitutively alteredInducible resistantR vs. NRR vs. NR
Adherens junction613812
Axon guidance1411813
Calcium signaling8979810
Cell communication56514
Cell cycle21111381414
Cytokine–cytokine receptor interaction596617
Focal adhesion161013121119
Gap junction5766
Glycerophospholipid metabolism8667
Insulin signaling208127559
MAPK signaling19121418617
Purine metabolism231712102017
Pyrimidine metabolism19101252115
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton1581614522
Tight junction67141214
Wnt signaling12885810

NOTE: Pathways identified by pathway analysis contained 5 or more genes with a 1.5-fold change and P < 0.05. Only pathways identified from 4 or more genelists are listed.