Table 1.

Characteristics of patients and their reference lesions on [18F]FDG and [18F]FSPG PET/CT and IHC intensity scores for xC and CD44

SUVmax at 60 minutesIHC intensity
PatientAge (y)SexPathologyLocationFDGFSPGxCCD44
168MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung14.77.321
258FNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung25.822.533
Lymph node18.514.8
Lymph node19.926.3
Lymph node12.719.5
Lymph node10.920.7
370MNSCLC, squamous cell carcinomaRight lung13.511.423
Right lung11.24.2
454MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung9.11.4NANA
Right lung4.20.5c
Lymph node5.41.4c
Lymph node4.82.8
566MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung18.51.622
660MNSCLC, squamous cell carcinoma.Left lung21.013.0NANA
Lymph node16.99.3
Lymph node28.414.9
Lymph node18.76.0
Lymph node23.69.0
750FNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung14.34.632
Lymph node9.02.8
Lymph node3.41.8
854MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaLymph node11.42.3
Lymph node7.22.3
Lymph node11.22.12NAb
Lymph node8.61.9
962MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung16.412.333
1055MNSCLC, adenocarcinomaRight lung9.23.931
Lymph node3.32.5
1137FBreast, invasive ductal carcinomaLeft breast11.82.1c20
Lymph node9.02.2
Lymph node8.81.7
1245FBreast, invasive ductal carcinomaLeft breast7.31.3c20
Lymph node4.00.9
Lymph node3.60.9
Lymph node2.31.3
Lymph node2.00.8
1340FBreast, invasive ductal carcinomaRight breast38.03.520
Lymph node27.52.1
Lymph node12.21.7
Lymph node10.31.8
Lymph node13.52.1
1453FBreast, metastatic ductal carcinomaLiver9.17.733
1554FBreast, invasive ductal carcinomaBone29.72.1
Right breast23.31.600
Lymph node17.81.9

Abbreviation: NA, not assessed.

  • aBrain imaging 10 hours after [18F]FDG administration.

  • bNot possible with biopsy sample.

  • cLesions that were visually interpreted as negative. Other lesions were positive by visual assessment.