Table 5.

Comparison of outcomes of following active surveillance or immediate radical prostatectomy

Immediate radical prostatectomyActive surveillance
 Treated with Gleason score ≤6100.00%40.69%
 Treated with Gleason score 70.00%19.76%
 Treated with Gleason score ≥80.00%3.23%
Time to treatment
 ≤3 years27.75%
 >3 years35.93%
PSA at treatment (ng/mL)
Cumulative incidence of recurrence from diagnosis
Cumulative incidence of prostate cancer death
Cumulative incidence of other cause death
Years of life per person from treatment19.6613.30
Total years of life per person from diagnosis19.6619.50
Years of life per person lost because of prostate cancer0.250.40

NOTE: Outcomes are based on 1 million simulated patients.