Table 1.

Impact on survival and CTC frequency using different CTC definitions in metastatic cancers and CTC frequency in healthy donors and patients with benign disease

Baseline (n = 420)Follow-up (n = 364)Healthy (n = 204)Benign (n = 190)
+++>4 μm2.54023,6183.4409,8640010012
+++>4 μm2.7405,8973.2107,91100120015
+++>4 μm2.7305,5912.8106,45000130012
++>4 μm2.448018,6222.423015,904110209151155
++>4 μm2.323016,2362.7808,62810611070
++>4 μm1.5980082,3971.31,263080.810868270,9711,094227,302
+++<4 μm2.44906,6792.32505,759151280162140
++<4 μm2.252013,1572.92909,024902,07950124

NOTE: All HRs had P < 0.0001 except for EpCAM+ DNA+ CTCs with a P = 0.02 for baseline samples and P = 0.03 for follow-up samples. DNA, Hoechst staining.

Abbreviations: aCTC, automated CTC count with different definitions; mCTC, manual CTC count using the CellSearch CTC definition.