Table 1.

Characteristics of the three colorectal cancer sample series

CharacteristicLearning series (n = 95)Test series (n = 77)Validation seriesa (n = 215)
Age at diagnosis (mean ± SD)66 ± 11.773 ± 13.566 ± 13.3
Mean follow-up, y (min–max)
 All patients5.9 (0.3–10) b3.3 (0.2–5) c3.1 (0.04–5.0) c
 Patients with event1.8 (0.3–7.7)b2.1 (0.7–3.8)c1.5 (0.1–3.4)c
 Patients with no event10 (10–10)b3.7 (0.2–5.0)c3.5 (0.04–5.0)c
No. of events, stage IId21913
No. of events, stage IIId271032
Adjuvant chemotherapy, stage III
Year of surgery/biobanking1987–19892005–2007NA
 Positive predictions (true; false)20; 26; 716; 18
 Negative predictions (true; false)45; 2851; 13152; 29

Abbreviations: MSI, microsatellite instability; NA, not available.

  • aGEO accession numbers GSE14333 and GSE17538. Only nonoverlapping samples from stage II and III patients were included

  • bTen-year follow-up.

  • cFive-year follow-up.

  • dRelapse or death from colorectal cancer.