Table 1.

Pharmacokinetic parameters across 4 studies that included pharmacokinetic determinations

StudyPhase I (N = 25); Fumoleau and colleagues (17)Phase I (N = 16); Lortholary and colleagues (15)Phase I (N = 25); Mita and colleagues (9)Phase I/II (N = 33); Villanueva and colleagues (19)
LocationsFrance, SpainFranceUnited StatesEurope
Agent(s), targetCabazitaxel, solid tumorsCabazitaxel, solid tumorsCabazitaxel, solid tumorsCabazitaxel + capecitabine, breast cancer
Dose proportionalityNo deviation within range 1.5–12 mg/m2Not reportedNo deviation within range 10–30 mg/m2Not tested
Half-life, h3130–457779
Plasma clearance, L/h/m25033–562734
Volume of distribution, L/m21,424500–2,0002,0842,335