Table 1.

Patient number, disease stage, clinical outcome, number of TIL infused, and sites of disease

Clinical responseaSites of disease
Patient numberStageirRCRECISTPFSb (months)OSc (months)Infused cells (×109)SCLNLungLiverOther visceralBoneBrain
2054/2256IV M1cPRPR22+27+80.6XX
2124IV M1aPRPR31+35+104.9XX
2131IV M1bPRPR2237+89XX
2150/2153IV M1cPRPR22+29+89XXXX
2173IV M1cPRPR815115XXX
2215IV M1cPRPR28+32+130XXXX
2258IV M1cPRPR25+27+74XXX
2262IV M1cPRPDd22+27+99XXX
2267IV M1bPRPDd2+22+57XXX
2340IV M1cPRPR1119+46XXXXX
2350IV M1cPRPR1017+105XXXX
2357IV M1cPRPR13+18+109XXXXX
2379IV M1bCRCR11+14+100XX
2044IV M1cSDSD3419.9XXX
2104IV M1cSDPD2585XX
2114IV M1bSDSD4258XXX
2125IV M1cSDSD4668XXXX
2132IV M1cSDSD4535XXX
2136IV M1cSDPD2779.8XXXX
2144IV M1bPDPD31854.6XXX
2175IV M1bSDSD29+33+55.4XX
2245IV M1cPDPD2438XX
2281IV M1cPDPD2662.5XXX
2284IV M1bPDPD319+86XX
2299IV M1bSDSD69+53.8XX
2338IV M1cSDPD614+35XXX
2373IV M1bSDPD4559.2XXX

Abbreviations: LN, lymph node; PD, progressive disease; SD, stabilization of disease; SC, subcutaneous.

  • aBest overall response measured by irRC criteria or RECIST.

  • bOn the basis of irRC (as of October 17, 2011).

  • cAs of October 17, 2011.

  • dThese patients developed small new brain metastases after receiving TIL (hence the designation as PD according to RECIST) that were effectively treated with stereotactic radiosurgery (#2262) or whole brain radiation (#2267).