Table 3.

Drug signatures negatively correlated to ER-α–negative endometrial cancer

RankName of compoundKnown target/actionNaPb
Primary investigation cohort
1SirolimusmTOR inhibitor44<0.00001
2LY-294002PI3K inhibitor61<0.00001
3TretinoinRetinoic acid receptor agonist220.00008
4WortmanninPI3K inhibitor180.00022
External dataset
1SirolimusmTOR inhibitor44<0.00001
2WortmanninPI3K inhibitor180.00004
3LY-294002PI3K inhibitor610.00004
  • aN = number of instances in which the compounds were tested in the Connectivity map.

  • bThe expression changes from the compounds tested were scored according to the ER-α/ESR1 expression signatures and the P value for each compound represents the distribution of this score in the N instances as compared with the distribution of these scores among all compounds tested, using a permutation test (24).