Table 1.

Agonistic CD40 monoclonal antibodies in clinical trials

CP-870,893DacetuzmumabChi Lob 7/4
Company/institutionPfizer/VLSTSeattle GeneticsUniv. of Southampton
FormulationFully humanHumanizedChimeric
Maximum dose0.2 mg/kgUp to 12 mg/kgUp to 160 mg total
Route of administrationi.v.i.v.i.v.
Dosing intervalEvery 3–4 wksWeeklyWeekly × 4
ToxicityMild-to-moderate cytokine release syndromeMild-to-moderate cytokine release syndromeStudy to address is underway
Noninfectious inflammatory eye disorders
Diseases targetedMelanomaHematologic malignancies, especially NHLAdvanced solid tumors and lymphoma
Pancreatic carcinoma
Clinical efficacyObjective tumor responses reported in melanoma and pancreatic carcinoma (about 20%)Objective tumor responses (in refractory and relapsed NHL, 12% as single agent; 47% with rituximab and gemcitabine)Study to address is underway
Combinations exploredChemotherapyChemotherapyNone yet
Melanoma vaccineRituximab
Current clinical trialsWith tremelimumab in metastatic melanomaNoneFirst-in-human trial for patients with advanced solid tumors and lymphoma
With gemcitabine for resectable pancreatic carcinoma

NOTE: Only reagents showing agonistic activity are included and thus lucatumumab (Novartis) has not been discussed.

Abbreviation: NHL, non–Hodgkin lymphoma.