Table 3.

EGFR mutations found in patients with acquired resistance to EGFR TKIs

Number of unique
Initial mutationAcquired resistance mutationaPatientsbStudiescReferences
Del19 E746-A750T790M14530–34
Del19 E746-T751insAT790M1132
Del19 E746-T751insVT790M1135
Del19 L747-A750insPT790M1131
Del19 L747-E749;A750PT790M3234, 35
Del19 L747-P753insQT790M1136
Del19 L747-P753insST790M2232, 34
Del19 L747-S752T790M2231, 32
Del19 L747-T751T790M1135
Del19 L747-T751;K754ET790M3234, 35
Del19 unspecifiedT790M3137
L858RT790M21631, 32, 34, 35, 37, 39
  • aThese resistance mutations were acquired after treatment with EGFR TKI.

  • bNumber of unique patients does not match the number of therapy-response entries as one patient may have been treated with EGFR TKIs in different lines of treatment and thus may have multiple associated therapy–response entries.

  • cNumber of unique studies refers to the number of different studies that encompass all of the patients with a particular mutation in DIRECT.