Table 1.

Patient characteristics

Tumor sitePeptide-specific CTLf
No.Age/sexPrimaryaMetastasesPrevious therapybPeptide dose, mgNumber of vaccinesClinical responsecPFS, dOS, dTMdISRe (Grade)Lymphocyte number (%)LY6KTTKIMP3DEPDC1
164/MIBDLiver/peritoneumGEM, CDDP, TS-10.54PD4787NT1955 (8.3)1+1+01+
275/MGBLiver/peritoneumGEM, TS-10.54PD3166NT01,390 (17.3)NANANANA
367/MGBLymph nodesOpe, GEM, AFTV0.554CA491639Decrease21,801 (39.4)3+3+2+3+
465/FIBDLung/lymph nodes/boneOpe, GEM1.029Stable disease3721,044ND21,521 (34.1)3+1+1+3+
559/FGBLiver/lymph nodesOpe, GEM, TS-11.019Stable disease176380Decrease22,124 (22.1)3+1+1+3+
676/FEBDLiver/lymph nodesOpe, GEM, CBDCA, VP-161.09PD64109Increase11,450 (30.2)3+1+1+3+
769/FIBDLiverOpe, GEM, TS-12.035Stable disease428764NC21,216 (23.2)3+2+1+3+
874/MIBDLungOpe, GEM, TS-12.016Stable disease156466ND22,399 (38.2)3+3+1+3+
978/FEBDLiver/peritoneumGEM, TS-12.016CA137179Decrease11,249 (36.1)3+1+1+3+
  • aPrimary tumor site: EBD, extrahepatic bile duct; GB, gallbladder; IDB, intrahepatic bile duct.

  • bPrevious therapy: CBDCA, carboplatin; GEM, gemcitabine; CDDP, cisplatin.

  • cClinical response: CA, clinical activity. CA means that CR or PR was not achieved and tumor regression occurred.

  • dNC, no change; ND, not detected; NT, not tested; TM, tumor marker.

  • eISR: injection site reaction evaluated according to CTCAE v3.0.

  • fCTL: CTLs were assessed by the algorithm shown in Supplementary Fig. S2. NA, not analyzed.