Table 1.

Anti-BCMA-CAR–transduced T cells specifically recognized BCMA

BCMA-expressing targetsbBCMA-negative targets
BCMA-K562H929RPMI-8226NGFR-K562CCRF-CEMA549TC71293TT cells alone
Effector cellsa
Untransduced T cells<12<12<12<12<12<12<1212<12
Targets alone<12<12<12<12<12<12<1213
  • aEffector cells were T cells from a patient with multiple myeloma (myeloma patient 4). The T cells were transduced with the indicated CAR or left untransduced.

  • bThe indicated target cells were combined with the effector cells for an overnight incubation and an IFN-γ ELISA was conducted. All units are pg/mL IFN-γ.