Table 1.

PPCL and MM patient characteristics

Genetic lesionFrequency in pPCL cases pos/tested (%)Frequency in the present multiple myeloma series pos/tested (%)PExpected frequency in multiple myeloma (17)
del(13q)17/23 (74%)22/39 (56%)ns50%
del(17p)8/23 (35%)2/39 (5%)0.00410%
1q gain10/21 (48%)19/37 (51%)ns40%
del(1p)8/21 (38%)Na30% (51)
t(11;14)9/23 (39%)9/39 (23%)ns15%
t(4;14)3/23 (13%)7/39 (18%)ns15%
t(14;16)7/23 (30%)2/39 (5%)0.016–7%
t(14;20)1/21 (5%)1/39 (3%)ns2%

NOTE: Significance of the difference of frequencies between pPCL and multiple myeloma cases analyzed here was assessed by Fisher exact test.

Abbreviations: Na, not available; ns, not significant.