Table 6.

Summary of multivariate Cox regression analysis model comprising each prognostic factor in the validation dataset

Tumor characteristicsHR95% CIP
Variables included in the Cox equation
 Heterogeneity (CTTA–normalized entropy, medium/coarse scale)12.2411.454–103.0530.021
 Clinical stage5.0201.892–13·3200.001
Tumor characteristicsScoreP
Variables not included in the Cox equation
 Heterogeneity (PTA–entropy without filtration)0.3010.583
 Heterogeneity (CTTA)a treatment0.8250.364
 Heterogeneity (PTA)a treatment0.0940.759
 Clinical stagea treatment1.0390.308
 Permeabilitya treatment1.0370.308
  • aIndicates the interaction between the covariates.