Table 2.

Parameter estimates from the CPH model for ipilimumab exposure–response relationships with OS

PredictorPredictor median (P05–P95)aHR coefficient (95% CI)bHR P05: median (95% CI)HR P95: median (95% CI)
Cminss [mcg/mL]43.9 (1.75–103)0.990 (0.986–0.994)1.52 (1.29–1.8)0.552 (0.437–0.697)
LDH [IU/L]c206 (131–846)2.32 (1.91–2.8)0.684 (0.628–0.745)3.27 (2.5–4.28)
Comparator: ReferenceHR Coefficient (95% CI)d
ECOG PS>0: = 0 (N = 176:322)1.72 (1.37–2.15)
  • aP05: 5th percentile and P95: 95th percentile.

  • bHR coefficient represents the hazard ratio for one unit of change in the predictor variable.

  • cThe HR coefficient for LDH corresponds to log transformed LDH (which was employed as the linear predictor, as the distribution of LDH is right skewed).

  • dHR coefficient represents the HR for comparator relative to reference predictor variable.