Table 5.

Cox multivariate regression analysis to evaluate the independent prognostic value of miR-181b in the combined test and validation cohorts of black stage III colorectal cancers (N = 70)

Prognostic variablesIndicator of poor prognosisHR (95% CI)aP valueb
miR-181bHigh expression1.94 (1.03–3.67)0.043
Tumor grade
 High vs. lowHigh1.89 (0.91–3.91)0.092
  • aAdjusted for miRNA expression levels, age, gender, TNM stage, tumor location within the colorectum, tumor grade, and tumor size; CI, confidence interval.

  • bAdjustment for multiple comparisons has been made for the P values using the Benjamini–Hochberg method.