Table 1.

Durable responses with CTLA-4, PD-1, and PD-L1 inhibition in individual clinical trials

Trial and referenceNMedian response duration (mo)RR (%)Complete response (%)Partial response (%)SD (%)Median OS (mo)
CTLA-4 Inhibition (ipi)
Phase IIpi + gp 1002356881376NR14
Ipi + IL-223367925178NR16
Ipi DE +/− gp10023854220614NR13
Phase IIIpi 10 mg/kg (PT)30155NR5.805.82110.2
Ipi 10 mg/kg (PT)2971NR11.12.78.318.111.4
Ipi 3 mg/kg (PT)2971NR4.
Ipi 10 mg/kg (PT + TN) + budenoside3158NR122101917.7
Ipi 10 mg/kg (PT + TN) + placebo3157NR160161919.3
Phase IIIIpi + dacarbazine725019.315.21.613.61811.2
Ipi + gp100640311.
Ipi + placebo6137Not reached111.59.517.510.1
CTLA-4 Inhibition (treme)
Phase IITreme (10–15 mg/kg)2284NRa9.52.47.13110
Phase IIITreme (15 mg/kg)2132835.81138NR12.6
PD-1 Blockade
Phase INivolumab (0.1–10 mg/kg)89412.0 (73.1% ongoing)28028616.8
Lambrolizumab (2–10 mg/kg)4713581% ongoingb38
PD-L1 Blockade
Phase IBMS-936559 (0.3–10 mg/kg)95216.2 (55.5% ongoing)1701727NR

Abbreviations: Ipi, ipilimumab; Treme, tremelimumab; NR, not reported; TN, treatment naïve; PT, prior treatment; OS, overall survival.

  • aSeventy-five percent of objective responses ongoing at 15+ to 28+ months.

  • bAt 11 months median follow-up.