Table 1.

Correlation between expression of p-AMPK (Thr172) and clinicopathological characteristics in 273 HCCs

High p-AMPKLow p-AMPK
(Thr172; n = 76)(Thr172; n = 197)Pa
HBV Infection
AFP (ng/mL)
Liver cirrhosis
Maximal tumor size (cm)
Tumor multiplicity
Tumor encapsulation
Edmondson grade
Pathologic TNM stage
 Early stage (I-II)56950.00014
 Late stage (III)20102
Portal vein thrombosis
Distant metastasis
Child-Pugh stageb
MELDc Score
  • aFisher exact test.

  • bNo patients with Child-Pugh C were included.

  • cMELD (the model for end-stage liver disease). Significant results (P < 0.05) are given in bold.