Table 5.

Associations between objective response to first-line post-olaparib platinum-based chemotherapy and (i) olaparib response, (ii) pre-olaparib platinum sensitivity (measured by TFI), and (iii) interval between last pre-olaparib and first post-olaparib platinum-based chemotherapies (PTP interval)

Post-olaparib platinum chemotherapy response by RECIST and/or GCIG criteria
SD vs. PDPR/CR vs. PD
POR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)
Olaparib response by RECIST and/or GCIGSD vs. PD0.10514 (0.58–338.78)0.1847.0 (0.40–123.35)
PR/CR vs. PD0.3413.6 (0.26–50.33)0.2753.4 (0.38—30.66)
TFI after last pre-PARPi platinum (months)0.8741.008 (0.915–1.110)0.9211.005 (0.916–1.102)
PTP interval (months)0.0611.117 (0.995–1.254)0.0451.124 (1.003–1.264)