Table 1.

Characteristics of the included studies

First author (reference number)Location (study period)No. of patients analyzedStudy designClinical settingHistologic gradeChemotherapeutic regimenType of PET scannerPET response criteriaCT response criteria
Bishu et al. (14)Nebraska, USA (1999–2006)16RetrospectiveUntreated follicular lymphoma1, 2Conventional CTx or CITPET or PET/CTQualitative assessment1999-IWG criteria
Dupuis et al. (15)Multicenters in Italy and France (2007–2009)104ProspectiveUntreated follicular lymphoma1, 2, and 3ACITPET/CT*Deauville 5-point scale1999-IWG criteria
Janikova et al. (16)Brno, Czech Republic (2002–2007)93RetrospectiveUntreated and relapsed follicular lymphoma1, 2, and 3ACITPET or PET/CTQualitative assessment and >SUV 2.51999-IWG criteria
Le Dortz et al. (17)Rennes, France (NA)45RetrospectiveUntreated follicular lymphoma1, 2, and 3ACITPET/CT2007-IWG criteria2007-IWG criteria
Lopci et al. (18)Multicenters in Italy (NA)59RetrospectiveRelapsed or refractory FLAll gradesRITPET/CT2007-IWG criteriaNA
Lopci et al. (19)Bologna, Italy (NA)91RetrospectiveUntreated and relapsed FLNAConventional CTx or CITPET/CTQualitative assessment and greater liver uptakeNA
Trotman et al. (20)Multicenters in 25 countries (2004–2007)122ProspectiveUntreated follicular lymphomaNACITPET/CT2007-IWG criteria1999-IWG criteria
Zinzani et al. (21)Bologna, Italy (2002–2004)45RetrospectiveUntreated follicular lymphoma1, 2CITPETQualitative assessment1999-IWG criteria

NOTE: *Information obtained by communication with authors of the original literature.

Abbreviations: CTx, chemotherapy; CIT, chemoimmunotherapy; RIT, radioimmunotherapy; IWG, international working group; NA, not available.