Table 1.

Common genetic events in TNBC along with actionable targets with a frequency of greater than 2%

TargetApproximate frequency in TNBCGene expression subtype enrichmentReferences
Potentially actionable
PTEN mutation/deletion10%Nonluminal TNBC enriched in BRCA1 germline mutant cancers(40, 41, 47)
PIK3CA mutation8%Luminal AR(40, 41, 43)
EGFR amplification4%?Basal-like(72)
HER2 mutation∼2%(40, 41)
FGFR2 amplification∼4%?Luminal AR TNBC(42, 72)
Germline BRCA1/2 mutation∼10%Basal-like 1 TNBC subtype in TNBC cell lines(31, 40, 41)
Sporadic BRCA1/2 mutation∼5%(40, 41)
Currently not actionable
TP53 mutation80%(40, 41)
Myc amplification40%(72)
CCNE1 amplification9%(43, 72)
MCL1 amplification20%(72)
RB1 mutation or loss20%(40, 41)
USH2A mutation9%(40, 41)