Table 1.

Clinical features of the R-CHOP series

Characteristicsn (%)
 Median (range)62 (16–86)
 >60 y81 (55)
Male sex77 (52)
B-symptoms38 (26)
≥2 Extranodal sites24 (16)
Ann Arbor stages III and IV81 (55)
ECOG performance status ≥223 (16)
High LDH97 (66)a
IPI54 (37)/33 (23)
(Low/low-int/high-int/high)37 (26)/20 (14)
Treatment response
 CR110 (75)
 PR22 (15)
 SD/PD15 (10)
Mortality47 (32)
Follow-up (months, range)53 (4–71)

NOTE: Clinical characteristics were available for 147 patients. Significant differences between the two R-CHOP groups are detailed in the results.

Abbreviations: ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group; high-int, high-intermediate; low-int, low-intermediate; n, number; PD, progressive disease; PR, partial response; SD, stable disease.

  • aA significantly higher number of patients diagnosed at IPO had high LDH at diagnosis by the Fisher exact test.