Table 2.

Multivariate Cox regression analysis of the decrease of TGR and the RMH prognostic score for PFS and OS

HR (95% CI)PHR (95% CI)P
Decrease of tumor growth ratea0.910.0040.950.27
RMH prognostic score low score (0–1) vs. high score (2–3)1.420.082.530.0008

NOTE: All the analyses reported are performed with the landmark method (landmark point was set to 56 days, n = 157 patients analyzed).

Abbreviation: RMH, Royal Marsden Hospital.

  • aTo be clinically meaningful, HRs are computed for 10% variation in TGR. Here, every 10% decrease in TGR between the reference and the experimental periods results in a 9% decrease in the progression hazard.