Table 1.

Clinical characteristics and fraction with homologous recombination mutations

All subjects (N)Fraction with germline homologous recombination mutationaFraction with somatic homologous recombination mutationa
Median age, y595359
Range, y27–8934–7529–80
 Fallopian tube240.420.04
 Synch ov/endo70.290.14
 High-gradeb serous2490.260.05
 Low-gradec serous90.110
 Poorly differentiated NOS480.250.13
 Clear cell190.050.21
 High-gradeb endometrioid200.150.10
 Low-gradec endometrioid60.170.17

NOTE: Synch ov/endo: cases classified pathologically as having two primary cancers arising from the ovary and endometrium.

Abbreviation: NOS, not otherwise specified.

  • aCases with both a germline and somatic homologous recombination mutation were included in the germline homologous recombination category.

  • bGrades 2–3.

  • cGrade 1.

  • dOther = one malignant Brenner, one mucinous, and two mixed carcinomas.

  • eStage was unknown for eight cases.

  • fCytoreduction status was not available for 15 cases.