Table 2.

Cox proportional hazards regression models of late DRFS (beyond 5 years of initial diagnosis and treatment)

PatientsParameterPHR (95% CI)
AllClinical linear predictor score<0.0012.14 (1.46–3.14)
PAM50 ROR score<0.0011.03 (1.01–1.04)
Node negativeClinical linear predictor score0.061.84 (0.97–3.50)
PAM50 ROR score0.0071.02 (1.01–1.04)
Node positiveClinical linear predictor score0.111.85 (0.88–3.89)
PAM50 ROR score0.0031.03 (1.01–1.05)
AllClinical linear predictor score0.0041.81 (1.21–2.71)
Intermediate versus low ROR0.013.04 (1.29–7.19)
High versus low ROR<0.0014.53 (1.92–10.71)
Node negativeClinical linear predictor score0.051.87 (0.99–3.52)
Intermediate versus low ROR0.0043.63 (1.51–8.74)
High versus low ROR0.0053.87 (1.51–9.90)
Node positiveClinical Linear Predictor score0.062.01 (0.97–4.17)
High versus intermediate RORa0.052.63 (0.99–6.99)
AllClinical Linear Predictor score<0.0012.36 (1.61–3.47)
Luminal B versus A0.0032.14 (1.30–3.50)
Node negativeClinical Linear Predictor score0.022.10 (1.10–4.01)
Luminal B versus A0.042.03 (1.04–3.95)
Node positiveClinical Linear Predictor score0.032.33 (1.10–4.91)
Luminal B versus A0.032.33 (1.11–4.92)
  • aNo events in the low-risk group.