Table 1.

Prediction of risk for disease relapse by nodal status in 351 pT3/pT4 colorectal cancer

RelapseCox hazards model
(n = 267)(n = 84)HR (95% CI)P
CD3 TILs density<1%N032111.00 ref.
N1–N233171.39 (0.65–2.97)0.39
1%–5%N077111.00 ref.
N1–N252252.91 (1.43–5.91)0.003
5%–10%N03221.00 ref.
N1–N2151512.12 (2.75–53.38)0.001
≥10%N01821.00 ref.
N1–N2811.12 (0.10–12.36)0.92
TLT densityNo TLTN02581.00 ref.
N1–N225171.81 (0.78–4.20)0.16
0%–4.16%N062121.00 ref.
N1–N245312.90 (1.48–5.65)0.001
4.16%–8.32%N04241.00 ref.
N1–N22073.27 (0.95–11.17)0.05
≥8.32%N03021.00 ref.
N1–N21832.41 (0.40–14.45)0.33

NOTE: Colorectal cancer were subgrouped according to the density of CD3+ TILs and TLT at the tumor invasive front.

Abbreviations: N0, no lymph node involvement; N1, one to three nodes involved; N2, more than or equal to four nodes involved.