Table 1.

Multiplexa panels of apoptosis biomarkers

Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3
1. BAK, total6. BIM, total11. BAK–Mcl1 heterodimer
2. BAX, total7. BAD, total12. BAK–Bcl-(X)l heterodimer
3. Caspase-3, total8. BAX–Bcl2 heterodimer13. Caspase-3, cleaved (only)
4. Lamin-B9. Bcl-(X)l, total14. Phospho-S99BAD
5. Smac (dimer)10. Mcl-1, total15. Survivin
  • aMultiplexing is achieved on a Luminex platform, which utilizes bead-based technology to multiplex up to 100 assays. The sandwich immunoassay uses a capture antibody covalently linked to beads and a reporter antibody reactive to separate epitope, linked to a fluorescent probe. In the case of heterodimers, the immobilized antibody captures one component and labeled reporter antibody binds to second component of the heterodimers. The validity of each measurement was demonstrated by immunoprecipitation and Western blot analysis of each biomarker in cancer cell or tumor tissue lysates.