Table 1.

Orthotopically implanted patient IDH-mutant gliomas

MGGHistologySexAge at DxPrior treatmentTime to xenoa (Mos.)IDH1 mutationConfirmed secondary (lineage) alterationMGMTTertiary alteration
Generated xenograft
 60GBM-OF45None4R132HCIC mutantMPIK3CA H1047L
 79Recurrent AOAM33RT, SRS3R132H (homozygous)TP53 mutantn.t.PDGFRA amp
 88Secondary GBMF41RT, TMZ x 10 cycles, LBH589+BEV, CPT-11+BEV6R132HTP53 mutantMNone detected
 108GBM-OM30None5R132HTP53 mutantMPIK3CA R93Q
 117Secondary GBMF32RT3R132HTP53 mutantUPDGFRA amp
 119Secondary GBMM56RT7R132HTP53 mutantMNone detected
 132Recurrent AOAM32TMZ chemoradiation + 11 TMZ cycles4R132HTP53 mutantUMET focal amp
 152GBM with PNET componentM34Gliadel, TMZ chemoradiation1R132HTP53 mutantMN-MYC amp
No xenograft
 71AOAM51NoneR132H1p/19q non-codelMNone detected
 78LGOM41NoneR132H1p/19q codelMNone detected
 81GBMM27NoneR132HTP53 mutantUNone detected
 82AOAM34TMZ × 12 cyclesR132H1p/19q codeln.t.None detected
 83Recurrent GBMM43RT + gefitinib followed by gefitinib × 8 yearsR132HTP53 mutantn.t.None detected
 96Recurrent AOAM24TMZ chemoradiation + 6 TMZ cycles, isotretinoin × 10 cyclesR132HTP53 mutantUNone detected
 103Recurrent AOAM26PCV × 6 cycles then RT, TMZ × 7 cycles, BEV+TMZ × 12 cyclesR132H1p/19q non-codelMNone detected
 109Recurrent AOF35TMZ × 12 cycles, RTR132H1p/19q codeln.t.None detected
 116AAM24NoneR132CTP53 mutantUNone detected
 124LGOAF38NoneR132C1p/19q non-codelUNone detected
 126AOF56NoneR132H1p/19q codeln.t.None detected
 130AOAF52NoneR132H1p/19q codeln.t.None detected

Abbreviations: MGG, mass general glioma; Dx, diagnosis; Xeno, xenograft; Mos., months; GBM-O, glioblastoma with oligodendroglioma component; AOA, anaplastic oligoastrocytoma; AO, anaplastic oligodendroglioma; AA, anaplastic astrocytoma; LGO, low-grade oligodendroglioma, LGOA, low-grade oligoastrocytoma; RT, radiation therapy; SRS, stereotactic radiosurgery; TMZ, temozolomide; BEV, bevacizumab; PCV, procarbazine, CCNU, Vincristine regimen; codel, codeleted; amp, amplified; M, methylated; U, unmethylated; n.t., not tested.

  • aMonths elapsed until first intracranial xenograft developed and became lethal.