Table 3.

Adverse events (any grade in ≥15% of patients)

Panitumumab + rilotumumab (AMG 102)Panitumumab + ganitumab (AMG 479)Panitumumab + placebo
(n = 48)(n = 46)(n = 48)
AE (preferred term), %Any gradeGrade 3/4Any gradeGrade 3/4Any gradeGrade 3/4
Any AE9871945210063
Skin disorders
 Acneiform dermatitis351533102611
 Skin fissures152170260
 Dry skin232150220
Gastrointestinal disorders
 Decreased appetite212172202
 Abdominal pain10415697
Peripheral edema19213020

NOTE: There were nine grade 5 AEs. Four grade 5 AEs occurred in the panitumumab plus rilotumumab arm (all disease progression); 4 in the panitumumab plus ganitumab arm (3 disease progression, one staphylococcal sepsis); 1 in the panitumumab plus placebo arm (disease progression).