Table 2.

Trial characteristics for primary analysis cases (N = 1,132)

ProtocolNaActivation yearType of trialTreatmentProgression criteriaAssessment interval
ECOG-1298 (18)301999Phase IIGem/docetaxelECOGb8 weeks
ECOG-2297 Arm 1 (19)1561998Phase IIIGemcitabineECOGb8 weeks
ECOG-2297 Arm 2 (20)1491998Phase IIIGem/5-FUECOGb8 weeks
ECOG-3296 (20)361996Phase IIGem/5-FUECOGb8 weeks
NCCTG-0043 (21)402001Phase IIGem/ISIS-2503RECISTc6 weeks
NCCTG-014C Arm B (22)362002Rand. phase IIGem/PS-341RECISTc6 weeks
NCCTG-034A (23)702005Phase IIGem/oxali/bevRECISTc2 cycles/2 months
NCCTG-984351 (24)541999Phase IIGem/oxaliplatinWHOd6 weeks
SWOG-0205 Arm 1 (25)2822004Phase IIIGem/cetuximabRECISTc2 cycles/8 weeks
SWOG-0205 Arm 2 (25)2792004Phase IIIGemcitabineRECISTc2 cycles/8 weeks

Abbreviations: bev, bevacizumab; 5-FU, 5-fluorouracil; Gem, gemcitabine; oxali, oxaliplatin; Rand., randomized.

  • aNumber of cases included in the current analysis.

  • bECOG Solid Tumor Response Criteria (10).

  • cResponse Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (7).

  • dWorld Health Organization Guidelines (11).