Table 4.

Results of the univariate and multivariate analyses of selected factors for OS in the in the validation cohort

Univariate analysisMultivariate analysis
VariableNHR for death (95% CI)P valueHR for death (95% CI)P value
Age630.98 (0.95–1.01)0.240.99 (0.95–1.03)0.60
 Male221.27 (0.56–2.89)0.571.60 (0.57–4.46)0.37
 IV592.14 (0.45–10.14)0.340.66 (0.04–10.38)0.76
 ≥1481.52 (0.44–5.30)0.513.15 (0.60–16.73)0.18
Brain metastases
 Yes210.86 (0.35–2.11)0.750.99 (0.35–2.81)0.99
Bone metastases
 Yes261.70 (0.74–3.88)0.211.44 (0.46–4.53)0.53
 wt+ D5311
 NoD113.84 (1.46–10.11)0.0066.11 (1.43–26.09)0.01

NOTE: All patients in the validation cohort were EGFR-mut. EGFR and KRAS status were not included in the analyses. Smoking history was also excluded due to the high number of patients with no data available.

Abbreviations: D, disruptive; NoD, nondisruptive.