Table 1.

Sample characteristics and numbers in training and validation sets

Sample characteristicsTrainingValidationTotal
Healthy control101020
Acute pancreatitis62329
CBDa stones19019
Other benign conditions151732
PDAC, stage IA459
PDAC, stage IB358
PDAC, stage IIA171734
PDAC, stage IIB6288150
PDAC, stage IV252449
Number of females/males84/101 (1 unknown)110/104194/205
Median (mean) age66.0 (63.0)64.0 (63.1)65.0 (63.1)
Smoking historyb35C/62P/88NE (1 unknown)43C/70P/74NE (2 unknown)78C/132P/162NE
Diabetic historyc53Y/131N (2 unknown)25Y/189N78Y/320N
  • aCBD, common bile duct.

  • bC, current; P, past; NE, never.

  • cY, yes; N, no.