Table 2.

Summary of efficacy

VariableNo. of Patients%
Number of evaluable patients25
 At 3 mo1040
 Median, mo2.8
 95% CI, mo1.4–4.7
 Median, mo5.3
 Range, mo3.6–8.4
Evaluable patients, n23
Radiologic response, after 4 wks on GDC-0449 alone
 Complete response00
 Partial response00
 Stable disease1460.9
 Progressive disease939.1
 Objective response rate00
Radiologic response, best overall
 Complete response00
 Partial response521.7
 Stable disease1043.5
 Progressive disease834.8
 Objective response rate521.7
CA 19-9 response, after 4 wks on GDC-0449 alone
 Evaluable patientsa,n2087
 >20% decrease00
 ≤20% decrease15
 Primary increase1995
CA 19-9 response, best overall
 Evaluable patientsa, n1982.6
 >50% decrease631.6
 ≤50% decrease210.5
 Primary increase1157.9
  • aNumber of patients is less than the 23 (= overall evaluable patients) due to normal values throughout course of therapy (n = 3) and missing values at follow-up (n = 1).