Table 2.

Collective review of published adoptive transfer trials targeting MART-1 and gp100

YearAuthorTrial phaseCell populationTarget antigen:epitopePatients (n)Preparative regimenCells (n)Concomitant therapyResponses (n)% CR% ORRRef
2002Dudley et al.ICTL cloneMART-1:27–352CY+FLU, None10.4 × 109 (×2)None, LD IL2, HD IL200034
2002Yee et al.ICTL cloneMART-1:27–355None3.3 × 109 (×4)None, IL200030
2005Vignard et al.I/IICTL cloneMART-1:27–3510None0.036–5 × 109 (×2)IL2, IFNα1 CR101035
2006Mackensen et al.IPolyclonal CTLMART-1:27–3511None0.11–13.1 × 108 (x3)LD IL21 CR, 1 PR9.118.231
2006Morgan et al.IDMF4 TCR transducedMART-1:27–3517CY+FLU0.5-34.4 × 109HD IL22 PR011.839
2009Wallen et al.ICTL cloneMART-1:27–356None, FLU1010/m2 (×2)None/LD IL200032
2009Khammari et al.I/IICTL cloneMART-1:27–3514DTIC1.43–20 × 108IL2, IFNα2 CR, 4PR14.342.936
2009Johnson et al.IIDMF5 TCR transducedMART-1:27–3520CY+FLU1.5-107 × 109HD IL26 PR03017
2011Butler et al.IPolyclonal CTLMART-1:27–359None1.84.4 × 109None1 CR11.111.137
2012Chapuis et al.I/IICTL cloneMART-1:27–355CY1010/m2LD IL2, HD IL21 CR202033
2014Chodon et al.IIDMF5 TCR transducedMART-1:27–3514CY+FLU0.6–4.8 × 109HD IL2 + pep pulsed DC (×3)00040
CurrentChandran et al.IICTL cloneMART-1:27–355CY+FLU0.4–58.3 × 109HD IL2000
2001Dudley et al.ICTL clonegp100:209–217(210M)13None10.4 × 109 (×4)None, LD IL2, HD IL200028
2002Dudley et al.ICTL clonegp100:209–217(210M)12CY+FLU, None10.4 × 109 (×2)None, LD IL2, HD IL200034
2002Yee et al.ICTL clonegp100:154–1625None3.3 × 109 (x4)None, IL200030
2006Powell et al.IPolyclonal CTLgp100:209–217(210M)9CY+FLU1.3-12 × 1010HD IL2, peptide/vaccine00038
2009Wallen et al.ICTL clonegp100:154–1622None, FLU1010/m2 (x2)None, LD IL200032
2009Johnson et al.IIgp100 TCR transducedgp100:154–16216CY+FLU2.3–110 × 109HD IL21 CR, 2 PR6.312.517
2012Chapuis et al.I/IICTL clonegp100:154–1622CY1010/m2LD IL200033
CurrentChandran et al.IICTL clonegp100:154–16210CY+FLU0.4–58.3 × 109HD IL2000
MART-1 summary1186 CR, 13 PR5.116.1
gp100 summary691 CR, 2 PR1.44.3
Overall summary1877 CR, 15 PR3.711.8

Abbreviations: CR, complete response; CY, cyclophosphamide; DTIC, dacarbazine; FLU, fludarabine; HD, high dose; LD, low dose; ORR, objective response rate; PR, partial response.