Table 4.

The effect of HDS on the frequency of resolution of ipilimumab-related adverse events

ResolutionMedian time to resolution
(N with resolution/N affected)(Median wk; range)
Pituitary enlargement5/66/98 (2–27)16 (4–26)
Secondary adrenal insufficiency0/100/12n/an/a
Secondary hypothyroidism8/96/1314.5 (2–44)9 (1–16)
Secondary hypogonadism5/82/740 (2–92)12 (10–15)
Hyponatremia5/57/82 (1–7)4 (1–10)

NOTE: The frequency of resolution is calculated as the number with resolution compared with the total number affected for each endocrinopathy. The time is measured in weeks.

Abbreviations: N, number; n/a, not applicable.