Table 3.

Median time to onset, frequency of resolution, and median time to resolution

Time to onset (median wk, range)Resolution, N (%)Time to resolution (median wks; range)
Hypophysitis9 (5–36)
Pituitary enlargement8 (5–13)11 (73.3)15 (2–27)
Secondary adrenal insufficiency9.5 (5–36)0 (0.0)n/a
Secondary hypothyroidism9.5 (6–36)14 (63.6)10.5 (1–44)
Secondary hypogonadism9 (5–13)7 (46.7)15 (2–92)
Hyponatremia9 (5–36)12 (92.3)3.5 (1–10)

NOTE: Time is measured in weeks. The frequency of resolution is represented as the number of patients in whom resolution occurred, and as a percentage of the patients in whom the deficiency was noted.

Abbreviations: n/a, not available; N, number of patients.