Table 3.

Univariate and multivariate analyses of factors affecting PFS in patients who received cetuximab monotherapy (cohort 5)

Univariate analysisaMultivariate analysisb
VariablesPatients (n)PFS (median, d)6-Month progression-free rate (%)PHR (95% CI)P
 <70 y545918.5%
 ≥70 y24608.3%0.227
 Male446122.7%1.00 (—)
 Female36585.6%0.0091.65 (0.98–2.78)0.062
KRAS statusd
 WT436120.9%1.00 (—)
 Mutant27593.7%0.1421.27 (0.75–2.14)0.375
YAP1 status
 IYCC576119.3%1.00 (—)
 AYCC23574.3%0.0051.82 (1.05–3.16)0.034
  • aIn univariate analyses, log-rank tests were conducted.

  • bIn the multivariate Cox proportional hazard model, only variables with P < 0.15 in univariate analysis were included and the “enter method” was applied. In this multivariate analysis, 70 patients from cohort 6 without missing data on KRAS status were included.

  • cData on age of 2 patients were missing.

  • dData on KRAS mutational status of 10 patients were missing.