Table 1.

Characteristics of patients and administered T cells

PatientAge/sexSites of diseasePrior treatmentsCells (×109)IL2 dosesCD8+/CD4+ (% of CD3+)Tetramer+ CD8+/CD4+ (% of CD3+)
Synovial cell sarcoma
 120/Mlu, boS, R, I, C (2)a83582/863/5
 237/FluS, R, C (4)50890/570/4
 347/Flu, InS, R, C (2)56889/1172/8
 419/MluS, R, C (1)16546/4031/25
 530/Mpl, hiS, C (2)59592/868/5
 640/Mpl, hiS, R, C (3)52581/1863/12
 764/Fbo, luS, R, C (5)39583/1772/13
 837/MluS, C (2)22687/1366/4
 921/FluS, R, C (1)77189/1156/6
 1031/FluS, C (2)30593/733/2
 1165/FluS, R, C (2)63473/2740/20
 1240/Mpanc, boS, C (3)1201b
 1324/Msc, luS, C (1)30089/1156/5
 1443/Fsc, plS, C (1)55590/1067/6
 1527/MluS, C (1)69483/1752/11
 1640/MluS, I, C (6)83174/2644/18
 1747/FluS, C (2)33445/5533/39
 1846/MluS, C (1)57762/3852/31
 1952/MInS, R, I130697/283/1
 2060/Fsc, luS, I71682/1762/9
 2130/Fbo, ln, panc, sbS, R, I47198/178/1
 2256/Mlu, kiS, R, I50791/973/7
 2332/MInS, I, C64498/283/2
 2438/MInS, I51793/781/6
 2547/Mln, luS, R, I23796/467/2
 2639/FIn, br, luS, R, I, C38868/3253/22
 2751/Flu, ln, liS, I, C311094/678/4
 2861/Mln, li, spl, lu, boS, R, I, C16884/1666/9
 2946/Mlu, liS, R, I37693/759/4
 3039/Mlu, bo, liS, R, I9782/1559/9
 3161/FInS, I36370/2951/19
 3239/MInS, I, C36788/1278/8
 3351/MIn, cS, I49689/1170/7
 3430/MluS, I50594/574/4
 3555/Mki, plS57074/2661/19
 3665/Mlu, In, kiS, R, I55393/776/6
 3764/MIn, spS, I82557/4344/41
 3851/MInS, I, C78492/874/7

Abbreviations: ln, lymph node; sc, subcutaneous; lu, lung; bo, bone; panc, pancreas; sb, small bowel; ki, kidney; br, brain; spl, spleen; pl, pleura; hi, hilum; S, surgery; R, radiation; I, immunotherapy; C, chemotherapy.

  • aThe number of chemotherapy regimens administered to synovial cell sarcoma patients before adoptive transfer is noted in parentheses.

  • bThe T cells administered to patient 12, who developed sepsis and died 3 days following adoptive transfer, were not further characterized.