Table 4.

mCMO for the high (A), medium (B), and low (C) required benefit for “LARGE”, measured by absolute OS increase and proportional OS increase at 2 years in poor prognosis groups (<12 months) or at 3 years in good prognosis (>12 months) groups: number of trials meeting these criteria for success among the 18 trials (of the 43 analyzed) reporting OS data on more than 20 patients at risk at the late term of 2 and 3 years

CriteriaNumber of positive trials
2 y3 y
PrognosisTrialsAbsolute increaseProportional increaseAbsoluteProportional“Either”“Both”AbsoluteProportional“Either”“Both”
A. High threshold for mCMO: LARGE
 <9 mo415%100%0110
 9–12 mo715%100%0000
 12–18 mo015%100%0000
 >18 mo715%100%1010
B. Medium threshold for mCMO: LARGE
 <9 mo410%50%1120
 9–12 mo710%50%2442
 12–18 mo010%50%0000
 >18 mo710%50%2020
C. Low threshold for mCMO: LARGE
 <9 mo45%25%3333
 9–12 mo75%25%5555
 12–18 mo05%25%0000
 >18 mo75%25%3131