Table 1.

The three proposed levels of the required benefit (mCMO), high, medium, and low (A, B, and C) as a function of SMALL (small benefit for many patients), LARGE (large benefit for few patients) and prognosis with standard treatment.

Small benefit for manyLarge benefit for few
PrognosisHRGAIN in median OSAbsolute increaseProportional increase
A. High threshold for mCMO
 <9 mo0.603 mo15%100%
 9–12 mo0.654 mo15%100%
 12–18 mo0.655 mo15%100%
 >18 mo0.706 mo15%100%
B. Medium threshold for mCMO
 <9 mo0.652.5 mo10%50%
 9–12 mo0.703 mo10%50%
 12–18 mo0.703.5 mo10%50%
 >18 mo0.754 mo10%50%
C. Low threshold for mCMO
 <9 mo0.702 mo5%25%
 9–12 mo0.752.5 mo5%25%
 12–18 mo0.753 mo5%25%
 >18 mo0.803.5 mo5%25%

NOTE: Proposed absolute and proportional increase refer to OS gains at 2 or 3 years when the prognosis is below or above 12 months, respectively.